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Farewell to Fr. Barry Condron

The parish sadly bids farewell to Fr. Barry Condron, as he moves to Dunshaughlin, Co. Meath, and expresses its gratitude.

We were very fortunate here, in the year 2000, to have Fr. Barry Condron appointed as C.C. to Castlepollard and to reside in Castletown-Finea, taking care of that area of our parish. This he did very diligently, and succeeded in building up the communities in both parts of the area, creating an atmosphere of pastoral care and love. He also endeared himself to the people here in Castlepollard. Coupled with his involvement in the catechetical work in the schools, in the whole diocese, he faithfully served as a priest in our parish, each week, as well. His work in the schools in Finea and Castletown was very effective in sustaining the staff and pupils and supporting the involvement of parents. That is much appreciated by everyone. His special care for the young and children is a charism of his share in the priesthood of Jesus Christ and their response to that was always positive and genuine.

Mingling and mixing with the people of Castletown and Finea, he was always warmly received and genuinely accepted totally. There is, naturally, then, great sadness among all, at his leaving us. Each child, each adult and each housebound or ill person feels this deeply, as they bid their farewells.

On the occasion of marriages, Baptisms and funerals, he could blend and empathise with all the families concerned and make sure the family occasion was properly celebrated liturgically, as well as being involved socially afterwards. He initiated and organised many parish events for fundraising and other ventures very successfully. In simple language, over the past 9 years, we have been gifted to have a very good priest among us, serving our people for Christ. We will miss him very much now. We wish him many blessings in his new posting and we pray that we will soon have a priest to assist Fr. P, with whom Fr. Barry worked so well, in the running of the whole parish.