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Parish Newsletter 12 July 2009



12th.July.2009.FIFTEENTH SUNDAY IN ORDINARY TIME and Feast also of Sts; Veronica,John Gualbert, Marciana and Fortunatus.Second Sunday of Month of the Precious Blood.


Pope Benedict, in the introduction to the encyclical, reminds everyone that charity is at the heart of the social teaching of the Church.Unless it is connected with the truth of the Gospel, this charity just remains interchangeable with a pool of good sentiments, helpful for social cohesion, but of little relevance.

He also reminds us that if profit becomes the exclusive goal in human development in our time,if it is produced by improper means and without the common good as its ultimate end,it risks destroying wealth and creating poverty.Here he deals with situations that we know much about in recent economic experiences worldwide; malfunctions of development: financial dealings that are "largely speculative", migratory flows "often provoked by some particular circumstance and then given insufficient attention" and " the unregulated exploitation of the earth`s resources". In the face of these interconnected problems,the Pope calls for " a new humanistic synthesis" noting how development today has many overlapping layers.. The world`s wealth is growing in absolute terms, but inequalities are on the increase" and new forms of poverty are coming into being.

He also deals with the scandal of hunger and expresses his hope for " equitable agrarian reform in developing countries"He dwells also on the question of respect for life," which cannot in any way be detached from questions concerning the development of peoples" affirming that " when a society moves towards the denial or suppression of life, it ends up no longer finding the necessary motivation and energy to strive for man`s true good."He also states that "Violence puts the brakes on authentic development and this applies especially to terrorism motivated by fundamentalism" These ideas are dealt with in the first three of the six chapters of the encyclical.Next week we can look at the remainder in similar summary form.


Fr.Patrick A. Moore P.P.VF. Fr. B. Condron.C.C.

Parochial House. Castletown Finea.

044.9661126/0872510855. 043.6681141.

Email: moorep@eircom.net

Sunday Masses

10.15 St. Peter's Centre. Weekday Mass 8.15a.m. St.Michael's

11.00. Castletown or Finea Saturday Mass at 10.a.m. St.Michael's

11.15. St.Michael's Confessions. 10.20a.m.; 3.00p.m. &

Vigil 7.p.m. St. Michael's 6.45p.m. & 7.30.p.m. Saturdays.

Vigil 8.p.m. Castletown or Finea.

Adoration. 3-8.p.m. Mon-Thurs incl.

10.a.m.-12 noon. Tues and Wed.


Pope's Intentions for Prayer during the month & Feasts of Saints

and Important Celebrations.

Collection for July 11th/12th.Weekly Envelope €684.70 and Offertory Collection €575.03 St..Peter`s €65.29. Thanks to all who generously contribute each week to each collection and all who gave to the Eucharistic Congress Collection which realised €1000 .00. July; Month dedicated to The Most Precious Blood of Jesus.Year of St.Mark in the Liturgy.Year of The Priesthood in the Universal Church.U.N. Year of Astronomy.Year of St.Bernadette in Lourdes

Sunday 19th.SIXTEENTH SUNDAY IN ORDINARY TIME and Feast of Sts;Macedonius,Arsenius,Simmachus and Alipius.Baptism at 12.15.p.m.Summer Offerings Weekend.


Monday 20th.Monday 16th.Week in Ordinary Time and Feast also of Sts;Margaret, Elias,Paula, Wilgefortis,Vulmasr,Lydia,Apollinaris and Cyril.

Tuesday 21st.Tuesday 16th.Week in Ordinary Time and Feast of Sts;

Lawrence of Brindisi,Daniel and John Cassian.

Wednesday 22nd.Wednesday 16th. Week in Ordinary Time and Feast of Sts;Mary Magdalene and Eusebio.

Thursday 23rd.Thursday 16th.Week in Ordinary Time and Feast of Sts;Bridget of Sweden,Patroness of Europe, Liborius and Philip Evans.Legion of Mary Meeting.Room I. 8.p.m.

Friday.24th.Friday 16th.Week in Ordinary Time and Feast of Sts; Declan, John Boste,Christina and Meneus.

Saturday 25th.Saturday of 16th.Week in Ordinary Time and Feast of Sts;James the Apostle, Valentina and Christopher the Martyr.

Sunday 26th.SEVENTEENTH SUNDAY IN ORDINARY TIME,and Feast of Sts;Joachim and Anne, Parents of the Blessed Virgin Mary and also St.Valens. Baptism 12.15.p.m.Reek Sunday, Croagh Patrick.

MASS INTENTIONS (19th.July to 26th.July. 09.)

Sunday.19th.Readings.Jer. 23.1-6. Ps.22. Eph.2.13-18.Mk.6.30-34.(Sat. 18th.Mass.at 10.00 a.m.Ann.Mae and Mark Kelleghan. Confessions after Mass and at 3.p.m.Vigil Mass at 7.p.m.Ann.Brian, Pat, Jack and Bruno Gaffney,Glenview) Summer Offerings Weekend.

Sunday.10.15.a.m. St.Peter`s.St.Michael`s .11.15.a.m. Ann.James Mulvey, Gilbertstown.Offerings Day.

Monday: 20th.Readings;Ex.14.5-18.Ps.Ex.15.1-6.Mt.12.38-42.Mass at 8.15.a.m.

Tuesday 21st.Readings.Ex.14.21-15.1.Ps.Ex.15.8-12.Mt.12.46-50.Mass at 8.15.a.m Ann.Patrick and Annie Halpin, Church St.

Wednesday 22nd.Readings.Song.3.1-4.Ps.62.Jn.20.1-2.11-18. Mass at 8.15.a.m

Thursday 23rd.Readings.Ex.19.1-2,9-11,16-20.Ps.Dan.3.52-56.Mt.13.10-17..Mass at 8.15.a.m.Legion of Mary Parish Centre Room 1 8.p.m.

Friday 24th.Readings.Ex.20.1-17.Ps.18.Mt.13.18-23.Mass at 8.15.a.m.

Saturday 25th.Readings.2.Cor.4.7-15.Ps.125.Mt.20.20-28.
Mass at 10.00.a.m. Ann.Gorman Family, Finea Rd. Henry Family, Church St. Confessions after Mass and.at 3.p.m. and before and after Vigil Mass at 7.p.m.Ann.Owen Roe, May and Dermot O Neill, Dublin Rd.

Sunday 26th.Readings.2 Kgs.4.42-44.Ps.144.Eph.4.1-6.Jn.6.1-15.St.Peter`s Mass at 10.15.a.m.Ann.Elizabeth Davitt,Dublin Rd. Mass at 11.15.a.m. Ann.Bartle Farrell, Mullingar Rd.Please continue to pray for all who are ill in the parish and for those who care for them.Baptism 12.15.p.m.


Please pray for Gretta McIntyre nee Moore late Ardnagcross and Longford,Very Rev Fr.Eugene Conlon P.E, Oldcastle, all who have died recently,all whose anniversaries occur around this time and all whose remains are interred in our cemeteries,

May their souls and the souls of all the faithful departed rest in peace.


Baptism preparation course on Third Wednesday at.8.p.m.

Those with babies for Baptism should register for this course

in the Parish Centre, two weeks beforehand.It will be run by the MULTY Group,Wed,August 19th.at 8.p.m.Parents, who have no babysitters, may take the baby along.

Parish Centre Programme for week;July 19th.to July 26th.

Tuesday 21st.8.30.p.m. A.A. Meeting will take place.Room 1

Thursday 23rd.Legion of Mary Meeting Room I.8p.m.

Friday 24th.Block Booking .

Catholic Newspapers Available on sale and through the Legion of Mary in the Parish.Irish and English papers available each weekend.

Please purchase the paper in the church or from the kind members of the Legion of Mary who sell them in the parish.We thank them for this.

Altar Servers Group for the
week.July 19th.Group 3.Girls.Megan Devine,Patricia Ayres,Devyn O Neill and Jemma Mulvaney.Servers are expected to be present on their week of duty, especially during the holidays.

Alcoholics Anonymous Group weekly meeting in Parish Centre.

AA group will continue here on Tues,21st.at 8.30.p.m. in Room I. Parish Centre.To get information,please tel. 087.6282646 Bill..

Pope`s intentions for your prayer for the month of July.

That,the Christians of the Middle East may live their faith in full freedom and be an instrument of peace and reconciliation.

That the Church may be the seed and nucleus of a humanity reconciled and reunited in God`s one and only family, thanks to the testimony of all the faithful in every country in the world.

Reek Sunday. Croagh Patrick Pilgrimage. Sunday 26th July. 2009.

Donohoes Bus will travel to Croagh Patrick picking up pilgrims at Castlepollard at 6.15.a.m. Coole 6.30.a.m. Edgeworthstown at 6.45..a.m. and Longford 7.00.a.m. Book your seat with Tom Egan at 0449661142.or with Angela at 0876460537 before 20th.July..

Times due to be filled for Adoration Rota in Oratory, Mon-Thurs incl. Dates and times; Mon.5-6; Tues.6-7. Wed.3-4. Thurs.3-4,4-5,6-7 and 7-8.If you have an hour a week to spare, please sign for adoration.Thanks to the people,who, in recent days, have given in their names to fill the vacant slot

Please support the Blood Transfusion Service. Thurs 23rd. 4.30.p.m. to 8.30.p.m. at G.A.A. Centre.

Annual Vintage Tractor Run to Fore Village. 19th July. At 2.00.p.m.

Please support as it comes for 1 hour.Enquiries 0469432713.

12th.Annual 5 K race through Tullynally Castle. Wed.Aug.12th.

Please support this annual event through sponsorship and by attending

Donation opportunities to support work done on Sacristy of Church.

1.Table and 12 chairs.

2.Bathroom equipment and wheelchair facility

3.Hoover and polishing and cleaning equipment.

4.Storage facilities.

5.Vestment/server garb renewal. 6.Icon, images and notice boarding.

7.Decoration and church style tiling.

8.Server seating.

Amounts from €50 will be gratefully received and recorded.A plaque will be affixed in sacristy to honour donors. Costs of each detail above will be printed in upcoming newsletters.Your support will be deeply valued.

Cemetery.Preparations for August 2nd Annual Devotions for Parish.

A skip will be in the cemetery from Monday 20th.Please keep the cemetery in the usual tidy state by ensuring nothing is dumped in the area.Half of the main gate may be opened but the full gate may not be opened for use by cars.The side entrance should be used for this purpose.Care must be taken not to drive up on kerbing or on to the tarmacadamed areas.Devotions will be at 12 noon on Sunday August 2nd. 3.p.m. Kilafree. 4.p.m. Licbla and 4.45.p.m. Rathgarve.Sat 1st. 6.p.m. St.Peter`s and 7.30.p.m. Priests` Cemetery at church.There will be a cup of tea in the Parish Centre after the 12 noon ceremony.We welcome all who will be here for the ceremonies.

Parents and children during holiday time: a reference to the spiritual.

All parents are reminded to take good care of family prayer, Mass at weekends and the meeting with the Lord in the Sacraments at all times and especially in the holiday season.Please ensure the children and young people do not neglect the spiritual in their lives.

Confirmation for the parishes here in 2010 has been given a date.

On February 24th.Confiramtion for Castlepollard, Collinstown and Coole will be in Coole Church at 11.00.a.m.