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Castlepollard, Castletown & Finea Parish Newsletter 17 May 2009



17h.May.2009.SIXTH SUNDAY OF EASTER. and Feast also of Sts;Paschal Baylon, Restituta and Thalassios the Libyian.


First Holy Communion Mass;Saturday 23rd May at 11.00.am.

There are 17 children for First Holy Communion from the parish on Saturday next. We welcome each one of them and wish them well.

Recently, they all met the Lord, the Good Shepherd, in their First Confession. All during the year, in 2nd Class they have been preparing for both Sacraments.The teacher, priest and parents have been involved in the work of preparation.Most of the work involved has been done in the classroom and we are very grateful to the teacher for working so committedly with the class.Practices have been taking place in the church and parents have attended preparatory meetings for both Sacramental occasions.The children are fully aware that they are meeting the Lord Jesus in the Sacrament of His Body and Blood in the Eucharist, as they receive First Holy Communion.It is important that we support that faith.We must pray that their faith in the real presence of Jesus in the Eucharist will deepen and become stronger in their lives.

Maintaining that faith growth, in practice, means it is nourished by personal prayer and family prayer and worship.It is important to state that while, First Communion Day, is a very central and focal one for the child, the family and parish community, it is the beginning of a whole way of Christian life that will ensure participation in Sunday Mass each Sunday and a development in learning more about the content of our religion every day of one`s life. It would be sad if First Communion day was treated like a once off social occasion, soon to be forgotten.This would be to miss the whole point of what such an important celebration is all about.It would also be a great pity that such a day would be marred by concentrating on an outward show related to dressing and fashion, bouncy castles and partying only, while gliding over the essential core of what the day is all about.Dressing suitably for the occasion and having a celebratory family meal are very much part of the day, but none of this should go overboard;simple ways are often best appreciated and valued by the child and all concerned.Parents should not be put under pressure, by commercial interests from outside, to celebrate in an exaggerated style unworthy of the spiritual occasion it is.The Church sees it as a day that Jesus is welcomed into the child`s life in a most intimate way, in the Eucharist, the beginning of a life pattern of active faith life which will bring joy and inner peace as well as healing and comfort throughout life and not just as a once off social occasion, overcelebrated and undervalued.We wish our children a very memorable day and many more besides, in union with the Lord Jesus in the Eucharist.

Fr.Patrick A. Moore P.P.VF.

Parochial House.


Email: moorep@eircom.net

Fr. B. Condron.C.C.

Castletown Finea.


Sunday Masses

10.15 St. Peter's Centre. Weekday Mass 8.15.a.m. St.Michael`s

11.00. Castletown or Finea Saturday Mass at 10.a.m.

11.15. St.Michael's Confessions. 10.20.a.m.; 3.00.p.m. and

Vigil 7.p.m. St. Michael's 6.45.p.m. and 7.30.p.m. Sats.

Vigil 8.p.m. Castletown or Finea.

Adoration. 3-8.p.m. Mon-Thurs incl.

10.a.m.-12 noon. Tues and Wed.


Collection for May 9th. May 10th.Weekly Envelope €847.50 and Offertory Collection €565.19. and €67.64 St.Peter`s. Thanks to all who generously contribute each week and to each collection.May; Month dedicated to The Blessed Virgin Mary.Year of St.Mark in the Liturgy.Year of St Paul in the Universal Church.U.N. Year of Astronomy.Year of St.Bernadette in Lourdes

Sunday 17th.SIXTH SUNDAY OF EASTER and Feast of Sts; Paschal Baylon, Restituta and Thalassios the Libyan.


Monday 18th.Monday 6th.Week of Easter and Feast also of Sts;Pope John 1,Eric of Sweden,Leonardo Murialdo and Venantius.Short Meeting of First Communion Parents at 7.30.p.m. in school.

Tuesday 19th.Tuesday 6th.week of Easter and Feast of Sts;Pope Celestine V,Theophilus,Dunstan,Pudentiana and Juliana.

Wednesday 20th.Wednesday 6th. Week of Easter and Feast of Sts; Bernardine of Siena and Plautilla.Meeting.St.Joseph`s Young Priests` Society at 7.p.m. Pre-Baptism Meeting 8.p.m.

Thursday 21st.Thursday 6th.Week of Easter and Feast of Sts;Andrew Bobola,Godric,Christopher Magallanes and Companions,Victorinus and Donatus.Legion of Mary Meeting.Room I. 8.p.m.Confessions 8.30.p.m. with three priests available for parents and families of First Communion children.

Friday.22nd.Friday 5th.Week of Easter and Feast of Sts;Rita of Cascia,John Forrest,Umilita and Maltiano.

Saturday 23rd.Saturday of 6th.Week of Easter and Feast of Sts; William of Rochester,Desiderius,Emilia and Ivo .Mass at 11.00.a.m. First Holy Communion Mass.Confessions after Mass, and at 3.p.m. and before, and after the Vigil Mass. 7.p.m.

Sunday 24th.ASCENSION OF THE LORD and Feast of Sts;Donatian,Rogation,David of Scotland,Vincent of Lerins and OUR LADY HELP OF CHRISTIANS.

MASS INTENTIONS (17th.May to 24th. May 09.)

Sunday.17th.Readings.Acts.10.25-26,34-35,44-48.Ps.97.1.Jn.4.7-10. Jn.15. 9-17 (Sat. 16th.Mass.at 10.00.a.m.Ann.James and Margaret Murray. Confessions after Mass and at 3.p.m.Vigil Mass at 7.p.m.Ann.Annie Nea) Sun..10.15.a.m. St.Peter`s.Ann.William and Kathleen Creggy. St.Michael`s.11.15.a.m.Ann.Harry Reynolds and decd.Masterson Family.

Monday: 18th.Readings;Acts.16.11-15.Ps.149.Jn.15.26-16.4.Mass at 8.15.a.m.Parents` Meeting 7.30.p.m..

Tuesday 19th.Readings.Acts.16.22-34.Ps.137. Jn.16.5-11.Mass at 8.15.a.m.

Wednesday 20th.Readings.Acts 17.15,22-18.1.Ps.148. Jn.16.12-15.Mass at 8.15.a.m.St.Joseph`s Young Priests`Society Meeting 7.p.m..Pre-Baptism Meeting 8.p.m.

Thursday 21st.Readings.Acts 18.1-8.Ps.97.Jn.16.16-20.Mass at 8.15.a.m.Ann.Bridie Corrigan,Water St.Legion of Mary Parish Centre Room 1 8.p.m.8.30.p.m. Confessions for Ist Communion families.

Friday 22nd.Readings.Acts;18.9-18.Ps.46.Jn.16.20-23.Mass at 8.15.a.m.

Saturday 23rd.Readings.Acts.18.23-28.Ps.46.Jn.16.23-28. Mass at 11.00.a.m.First Communion Mass and Private Intention.Refrehments in Parish Centre afterwards.Confessions after Mass,at 3.p.m. and before and after Vigil Mass at 7.p.m. Ann.Laurence Kennedy, Glenview.

Sunday 24th.Readings.Acts 1.1-11.Ps.46.Eph.4.1-13.Mk.16.15-20. St.Peter`s.Mass at 10.15.a.M.M. Larry Dowd late of Green St and Dublin. Mass at 11.15.a.m.Ann.Martin,Micheal and Lil Bergin, Dublin Rd.Please continue to pray for all who are ill in the parish and for those who care for them.


Please pray for all who have died recently,all whose anniversaries occur around this time and all whose remains are interred in our cemeteries,

May their souls and the souls of all the faithful departed rest in peace.


Baptism preparation course on Third Wednesday at.8.p.m.

Those with babies for Baptism should register for this course

in the Parish Centre, two weeks beforehand.It will be run by the Multy Group,Wed,May 20th.at 8.p.m.Parents, who have no babysitters, may take the baby along.

Parish Centre Programme for week;May 17th.to May 24th.

Monday 18th. Bowles MCH 8.p.m. 9.p.m.Room 1 Tidy Towns Meeting.

Tuesday 19th.Dancing Class 8.30.p.m. to 10.00.p.m. MCH.Room I. 8.30.p.m. A.A. Meeting will take place.

Wednesday 20th.Dancing 4-5.p.m. MCH. Bowles MCH. 8.p.m.St Joseph`s Young Priests` Society 7.p.m. Pre Baptism Meeting 8.p.m. both Room I.

Thursday 21st.Dancing 4-6p.m. MCH.Legion of Mary Meeting Room I.8p.m. MCH.

Friday 22nd.Block Booking .

Saturday 23rd.First Communion Festival 12 noon MCH.

Catholic Newspapers Available on sale and through the Legion of Mary in the Parish.Irish and English papers available each weekend.

Please purchase the paper in the church or from the kind members of the Legion of Mary who sell them in the parish.We thank them for this.

Altar Servers Group for the
week.May 17th.Group 1 Girls.Niamh McCarthy, Lucy Murray,Shannon Daly and Siobhan Nea .Servers are expected to be present on their week of duty.

Alcoholics Anonymous Group weekly meeting in Parish Centre.

AA group will continue here on Tues,19th.at 8.30.p.m. in Room I. Parish Centre.To get information,please tel. 087.6282646 Bill..

Pope`s intentions for your prayer for the month of May.

That,the laity and Christian Communities may be responsible promoters of priestly and religious vocations. That,the recently founded Catholic Churches, grateful to the Lord, for the gift of faith,may be ready to share in the universal mission of the Church,offering their availability to preach the Gospel throughout the world.

The Year of St.Paul in parish and area. Events planned and in place.

Talks on St.Paul in the Parish Centre continue on Thursday 28th.All welcome.Please come along to this very interesting and valuable time in our parish and deanery at 8.p.m..

Annual Lough Derg local pilgrimage. May 26th. 2009. Details for date.

Please contact Mary Fivey. 96.61506 or Mary Mulligan 043.81136 for booking from now on for Tues 26th May.

Congratulations to the school team on reaching the final.St.Michael`s

N.S,team will be playing in the final; in Mullingar on Sunday 17th.at 4.30.p.m. We wish them well.

School enrolment for Sept.2009.Application forms now at school.

Parents are reminded they are welcome to call to school for forms, with a view to enrolling children for new school year in September.

First Holy Communion arrangements and preparations for the 23rd.

A short meeting for parents will take place in the school at 7.30.p.m.Monday 18th.Confessions for parents, families and children at 8.30.p.m. Thursday 21st. in St.Michael`s Church.First Holy Communion ceremony with Mass at 11.00.am. Sat. 23rd.

May Devotions in honour of Our Blessed Lady for her month of May.

There will be a special evening of devotions on May 29th.7.30.p.m. to 8.30.p.m. with Rosary and Benediction to celebrate the month of Mary.A short procession around the church grounds will follow the devotions, during which the Litany of Loreto will be recited. The evening will be dedicated to praying for peace and those who are ill.

Every home should have a May altar and every family should strive to offer the Rosary each day for the good of the family in these difficult times.

Easter Confession and Easter Communion before Trinity Sunday.

If you have not been to Confession for Lent and Holy Communion, you are reminded that it is important to rectify this before June 7th.