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Castlepollard, Castletown & Finea Parish Newsletter 19 April 2009



19th.April.2009.SECOND SUNDAY OF EASTER, LOW SUNDAY, DOMINICA IN ALBIS and Feast also of Sts;Emma, Expedit,Pope Leo 1X and Alphege.Divine Mercy Day.Trocaire Collection Day.


It is entirely in order that the Trocaire Collection, the annual contribution from fasting for Lent, given to help the poor and needy, should take place on Divine Mercy Sunday each year.Under the auspices of the Irish Episcopal Conference, Trocaire, based at Maynooth College, coordinates this global effort each year.The process of collecting makes its way to each parish through a package with information and a box for collection included.Each family received a box this year, as last, in this parish.They were asked in the family to contribute to it each day or week, over the Lenten season, by giving what they saved in making Lenten sacrifices in the name of Jesus, who lived the mystery of the desert in fasting and prayer for forty days and forty nights. The time has now come to present this gift to the poor.Please ensure the Trocaire box is left in this weekend or up until the first Sunday of May at weekends in the churches or during the week to the parochial houses.Do not please, even with your best intentions, leave the box in the church during the week, putting it on altar rails, main altar or into sacristy, for obvious reasons.The counters would prefer that you convert the coins into notes for easy accumulation for banking in the account; please do that for us.The monies are coordinated well by the Trocaire office in Maynooth and get directly to the source of the problems, in the needy areas of the world,under their tutelage.It is a work of great mercy and compassion and it gels well with the Sunday we are celebrating in honour of Divine Mercy. This devotion promoted by St Faustina and endorsed heavily by Pope John Paul the Great and Servant of God, is now well established in the Church, as is this Sunday dedicated to it each year universally in the Church.Mercy and compassion, the special attributes of God, filter into our lives by way of response to this call.If we have compassion for our brother or sister in need and see the importance of his/her situation in relation to being our brother or sister in Christ, giving to their need is a great act of Christian mercy and love.

So our response to Trocaire is a mirror of Divine Mercy in our lives in the Church and in the world. Thank you.

Fr.Patrick A. Moore P.P.VF.

Parochial House.


Email: moorep@eircom.net

Fr. B. Condron.C.C.

Castletown Finea.


Sunday Masses

10.15 St. Peter's Centre. Weekday Mass 8.15.a.m. St.Michael`s

11.00. Castletown or Finea Saturday Mass at 10.a.m.

11.15. St.Michael's Confessions. 10.20.a.m.; 3.00.p.m. and

Vigil 7.p.m. St. Michael's 6.45.p.m. and 7.30.p.m. Sats.

Vigil 8.p.m. Castletown or Finea.

Adoration. 3-8.p.m. Mon-Thurs incl.

10.a.m.-12 noon. Tues and Wed.


Collection for April 11th./12th.;Weekly Envelope €878.00 and Offertory Collection €Easter Offerings). Holy Thursday Poor. €658.15. Good Friday Bishop`s Collection for Holy Land.€888.34.The report on 9 weeks of envelope collection tells us that 562 boxes were delivered to homes in Castlepollard area of parish.In the 9 weeks only 180 are being returned.We are very grateful to those who generously and loyally respond to the upkeep of their parish and care enough to do so. April; Month dedicated to The Passion, Death and Resurrection of Jesus.Year of intense prayer for Vocations to the Priesthood and Religious Life..Year of St.Mark in the Liturgy.Year of St Paul in the Universal Church.U.N. Year of Astronomy.Year of St.Bernadette in Lourdes

Sunday 19th.SECOND SUNDAY OF EASTER.LOW SUNDAY. DOMINICA IN ALBIS, DIVINE MERCY DAY. TROCAIRE SUNDAY and Feast of Sts;Emma, Expedit.Leo IX and Alphege.Trocaire Collection taken up today.Baptism 12.15.p.m,4th Anniv.of election of Pope Benedict XVI.

Monday 20th. Monday 2nd.Week of Easter and Feast also of Sts;Bueno, Syriacus,Adalgisa,and Agnes of Montepulciano.First Confession Meeting with parents in school at 8.p.m.

Tuesday 21st.Tuesday 2nd.week of Easter and Feast of Sts;Anselm of Canterbury and Silvius.Diocesan and parish financial meeting Mullingar Park Hotel 12 noon.

Wednesday 22nd.Wednesday 2nd. Week of Easter and Feast of Sts; Soter, Caius, Conrad,Theodore,Epipodius and Alexander.St.Joseph`s Young Priests`s Society at 7.p.m. Room I. Meeting.

Thursday 23rd.Thursday 2nd. Week of Easter and Feast of Sts; George, Adalbert and Severus.First Confessions at 7.30.p.m.Legion of Mary Meeting.Room I.

Friday.24th.Friday 2nd. Week of Easter and Feast of Sts;Fidelis, Ivo and Melito.Maryvale Course weekend in Parish Centre.

Saturday 25th.Saturday of 2nd. Week of Easter and Feast of Sts; Mark the Evangelist and Ermin.Mass at 10.00.a.m.Confessions after Mass, and at 3.p.m. and before, and after the Vigil Mass. 7.p.m.Maryvale Course all day.Parish Centre.

Sunday 26th.THIRD SUNDAY OF EASTER.and Feast of Sts; Anacletus, Stephen of Perm and Marcel. Baptisms at 12.15.p.m. TROCAIRE COLLECTION may be handed in this weekend also.

MASS INTENTIONS (19th.April to 26th.April 09.)

Sunday.19th.Readings.Acts.4.32-35.Ps117.I.Jn.5.1-6.Jn.20.19-31 Mass.Sat.at 10.00.a.m.Ann. Decd members of Finglas and Boylan Families. Confessions after Mass and at 3.p.m.Vigil Mass at 7.p.m. Ann.Jack and Mary Melia, Kinturk.10.15.a.m. St.Peter`s. St.Michael`s.11.15.a.m. Ann.Thomas and Dympna McIntyre Trocaire Collection Day.12.15.p.m.Baptism.

Monday: 20th.Readings;Acts 4.23-31.Ps.2.Jn.3.1-8.Mass at 8.15.a.m.First Confession Meeting for Parents 8.p.m. St.Michael`s N.S.

Tuesday 21st.Readings.Acts. 4.32-37.Ps.91.Jn.3.7-15.Mass at 8.15.a.m.Ann. Kevin Smyth,Church St. No Maple Court Mass until Tues 5th.May.

Wednesday 22nd.Readings.Acts Acts 5.17-26.Ps.33.Jn.3.16-21.Mass at 8.15.a.m.St Joseph`s Young Priests`Society Meeting at 7.p.m. Room I.Parish Centre.

Thursday 23rd.Readings.Acts 5.27-33.PS.33.Jn.3.31-36..Mass at 8.15.a.m.Private intention.First Confession Ceremony at 7.30.p.m. Legion of Mary meet in Parish Centre Room 1 8.p.m..

Friday 24th. Readings; Acts .5.34-42.Ps.26.Jn.6.1-15. Mass at 8.15.a.m. Ann.Mat and Pat Farnan and Brigid Donoghue Ballymanus.Maryvale Course, Parish Centre. 4th.Ann. of commencement of Pastoral Petrine Ministry of Pope Benedict XVI.

Saturday 25th.Readings.Acts.IPeter.5.5-14.Ps.88.Mk.16.15-20 Mass at 10.00.a.m.Ann.Kitty Scott nee Reynolds, Church St and Cambridge. Confessions after Mass,at 3.p.m. and before and after Vigil Mass at 7.p.m. Ann.Decd members Fitzsimons Family, Martinstown and Castlepollard.Maryvale Course Parish Centre.

Sunday 26th.Readings.Acts 3.13-15,17-19. Ps.4. Jn.2.1-5.Lk.24.35-48. St.Peter`s. at 10.15.a.m.Mass at 11.15.a.m.Ann.Cornelius Ring and daughter Marion Kennedy, Glenview.Baptisms 12.15.p.m.


Please pray for all who have died in recent Johanna Boylan, Glenview,all whose anniversaries occur around this time and all whose remains are interred in our cemeteries,

May their souls and the souls of all the faithful departed rest in peace.


Baptism preparation course on Third Wednesday at.8.p.m.

Those with babies for Baptism should register for this course

in the Parish Centre, two weeks beforehand.It will be run by the Multy Group,Wed,May 20th.at 8.p.m.Parents, who have no babysitters, may take the baby along.

Parish Centre Programme for week,Apr.19th.to April 26th.

Monday 20th. Bowles MCH 8.p.m.

Tuesday 21st.Dancing Class 8.30.p.m. to 10.00.p.m. MCH.Room I. 8.30.p.m. A.A. Meeting will take place.

Wednesday 22nd. Dancing 4-5.p.m. MCH. Bowles MCH. 8.p.m.

Thursday 23rd.Dancing 4-6p.m. MCH.Legion of Mary Meeting Room I.8p.m.MCH.

Friday 24th.Block Booking .Mary vale Course.

Saturday.25th.Maryvale Course 9.30.a.m. to 6.p.m. MCH.

Catholic Newspapers available each weekend in parish. Please support.

Please purchase the paper in the church or from the kind members of the Legion of Mary who sell them in the parish.We thank them for this.

Altar Servers Group for the
week.Apr.19th.Group 5.BoysAndrew Keating.Alan O Reilly and Jimmy Holtkamp.Servers are expected to be present on their week of duty.

Alcoholics Anonymous Group weekly meeting in Parish Centre.

AA group will continue here on Tues,21st..at 8.30.p.m. in Room I. Parish Centre.To get information,please tel. 087.6282646 Bill..

Pope`s intentions for your prayer for the month of April.

That,the Lord will bless the farmers with an abundant harvest and sensitise the richer populations to the drama of hunger in the world.

That,Christians who work in the areas where the conditions of the poor,the weak and the women and children, are most tragic,may be signsof hope,thanks to their courageous testimony to the Gospel of solidarity and love.

The Year of St.Paul in parish and area. Events planned and in place.

Talks on St.Paul in the Parish Centre are now for booking.Please use the booking form in church.

Pioneer Gold and Silver Jubilarians; make contact re Pins for May.1st.

The local branch of the Pioneers wishes to hear from all who are 25 and 50 years pioneers before end April so that their pins can be arranged for conferring on May 1st. Confirmandi will also be enrolled that night.

Annual Easter Offerings.Envelope available in church for those who need it..This is an Offerings time and we appreciate all who take care to give Offerings. Please use box in box of envelopes.There are envelopes in the churches, if you mislaid your envelope.There are quite a number of households, who have not given Easter Offerings to date.We need your kind support.

Whist Drive Mon.20th April 9.p.m. in aid of Motor Neuron charity and Hospice Homecare will be held in Parochial Hall, Pakenhamhall Rd.Please support.