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Parish Newsletter 5 April 2009



5th.April.2009.PALM SUNDAY OF THE LORD`S PASSION and Feast also of Sts;Vincent Ferrer,Nicetas and Didymus.Blessing of Palms and Procession.The Great or Holy Week commences.


We welcome all parishioners to take part in Holy week and the ceremonies to celebrate the Passion,Death and Resurrection of Our Lord Jesus Christ.The following is our programme for Holy Week;

PALM SUNDAY. Masses at 7.p.m., Vigil; 10.15.a.m. St.Peter`s and 11.15.a.m. with Blessing of Palms and Procession involving schoolchildren.

MONDAY OF HOLY WEEK.Mass at 8.15.a.m.Novena 9th night at 7.30.p.m. with 5 Confessors for Holy Week Confessions.

TUESDAY OF HOLY WEEK.Mass at 8.15.a.m.

WEDNESDAY OF HOLY WEEK.(Spy Wednesday)Mass at 8.15.a.m.Calls to ill and house bound 9.15.a.m. to 1.00.p.m.Chrism Mass Cathedral at 7.30.p.m.All welcome.Adoration ends until Easter Tuesday.

THURSDAY OF HOLY WEEK.(Holy Thursday)First Day of Easter Triduum. Practice for Servers at 10.30.a.m.Confessions 6-7 p.m. Fr Janusz. 7.15.p.m. to 7.45.p.m. Confessions. 8.00.p.m. Mass of Lord`s Supper with Washing of feet, Collection for poor and Solemn Procession to Altar of Repose.Adoration until 10.30.p.m. at this altar.

FRIDAY OF HOLY WEEK.(GOOD FRIDAY).Day of Fast and Abstinence.Stations of Cross St Peter`s 10.30.a.m.,Veneration of Cross and Holy Communion for residents and staff. Maple Court 11.15.a.m. approx. Servers Practice 12 noon.Confessions 12.30.p.m. and 2.15.p.m.

Celebration of the Lord`s Passion at 3.00.p.m.Veneration of Cross and Holy Communion.Collection for the Holy Places in Holy Land at behest of Bishop each year.6.p.m. Annual Ecumenical Stations of the Cross in Public Square and both churches. 8-9.p.m. Taize Prayer around the Cross.9-9.30.p.m. Confessions.

SATURDAY OF HOLY WEEK.HOLY SATURDAY. Practice for servers at 10.30.a.m. Confessions after practice.Easter Vigil Mass at 9.p.m. Confessions at 8.15.p.m.No Mass at 7.p.m.

EASTER SUNDAY.masses at 10.15.a.m. St.Peter`s and 11.15.a.m. St.Michael`s. Easter Day is an Offerings Day.

Fr. Barry, Fr Tom and Fr.P. wish all parishioners and families a gracefilled, joyful and peaceful Easter feast, with all the graces of the Risen Lord, in this year of St.Paul in the Universal Church.

Fr.Patrick A. Moore P.P.VF.

Parochial House.


Email: moorep@eircom.net

Fr. B. Condron.C.C.

Castletown Finea.


Sunday Masses

10.15 St. Peter's Centre. Weekday Mass 8.15.a.m. St.Michael`s

11.00. Castletown or Finea Saturday Mass at 10.a.m.

11.15. St.Michael's Confessions. 10.20.a.m.; 3.00.p.m. and

Vigil 7.p.m. St. Michael's 6.45.p.m. and 7.30.p.m. Sats.

Vigil 8.p.m. Castletown or Finea.

Adoration. 3-8.p.m. Mon-Thurs incl.

10.a.m.-12 noon. Tues and Wed.


Collection for March.28th./29th. March;Weekly Envelope €723.75. and Offertory Collection €724.88.(includes €49.57. St.Peter`s .). report on 9 weeks of envelope collection tells us that 562 boxes were delivered to homes in Castlepollard area of parish.In the 9 weeks only 180 are being returned.We are very grateful to those who generously and loyally respond to the upkeep of their parish and care enough to do so. April; Month dedicated to The Passion, Death and Resurrection of Jesus.Year of intense prayer for Vocations to the Priesthood and Religious Life..Year of St.Mark in the Liturgy.Year of St Paul in the Universal Church.U.N. Year of Astronomy.

Sunday 5th.PALM SUNDAY OF THE LORD`S PASSION and Feast of Sts;Vincent Ferrer,Nicetas and Didymus.Blessing of Palms and Procession.The Great or Holy Week Begins.2.30. Walk in aid of Kilafree work takes place.Please support.


Monday 6th. in Holy Week and Feast also of Sts;Pope Celestine 1, William of Eskill and Avia.9th.night of Pauline Novena 7.30.p.m. Paul…Ambassador Christ.Fr.M.Walsh P.P. preacher.5 priests for Confessions to prepare for Easter.

Tuesday 7th. in Holy Week and Feast of Sts;John Baptist de la Salle and Hermann.

Wednesday 8th. in Holy Week and Feast of Sts;Julia Billiart, Walter and Albert.Calls to ill and housebound 9.45-1.00.p.m. Maple Court Mass at 3.p.m.Chrism Mass Cathedral 7.30.p.m.All welcome.

Thursday 9th. in Holy Week and Feast of Sts;Mary Cleopas, Wandra and Francisca.Legion of Mary Meeting.Room I. 7.p.m.Holy Thursday.

Friday.10th. in Holy Week and Feast of Sts;Fulbert of Chartes, Terence and Macarius.Good Friday.

Saturday 11th.in Holy Week and Feast of Sts;Stanislaus, Guthlac and Gemma Galgani No Mass at 10.00.a.m.Confessions after Practice at 10.30.a.m. and before the Vigil Mass. Confessions at 8.15.p.m.Vigil Mass at 9.p.m.EASTER VIGIL.

Sunday 12th.EASTER DAY OF THE LORD`S RESURRECTION and Feast also of Sts;Alferius, Zeno and Constantine.Paschal Season commences.Offerings Day.

MASS INTENTIONS (5th.April to 12th.April 09.)

Sunday.5th.Readings Passion of the Lord according to St.Mark. Mass.Sat.at 10.00.a.m.Ann.Winnie Smyth.Loughpark. Confessions after Mass and at 3.p.m.and before and after Mass at 7.p.m. Vigil Ann.Charles and Una Fagan, Millcastle St.St.Peter`s 10.15.a.m.Special Intention. St.Michael`s.11.15.a.m. Ann.Mary Mac Keoin, Church St.

Monday: 6th.Readings;Is. 42.1-7.Ps.26. Jn.12.1-11.Mass at 8.15.a.m.Ann. Kevin Martin late The Square Bank of Ireland House.7.30.p.m.9th.Night of Pauline Novena followed by Confessions for Easter with 5 Confessors.

Tuesday 7th.Readings.Ia.49.1-6.Ps.70.Jn.13. 21-33,36-38.Mass at 8.15.a.m.Ann Kay and Madge Fagan, Green St.

Wednesday 8th.Readings.Is.50.4-9.Ps.68.Mt.26.14-25.Mass at 8.15.a.m.Ann. Sonny Smyth,Loughpark.Maple Court Mass 3.p.m. 7.30.p.m. Chrism Mass Cathedral.

Thursday 9th.Readings.Ex.12.1-8.11-14. Ps.115. I Cor.11.23-26.Jn.13.1-15.No Mass at 8.15.a.m 8.00.p.m.Mass of Lord`s Supper.Legion of Mary meet at 7.p.m. Room I.Parish Centre.

Friday 10th. Passion of the Lord Jesus according to St.John No Masses.Times of ceremonies on front page of Newsletter..

Saturday 11th.Readings.Various for the Vigil as in booklet provided. Confessions and Vigil times are in front page of Newsletter.

Sunday 12th.Readings.Acts 10.34,37-43. Ps.117.Col.3.1-4.Jon.20.1-9. St.Peter`s. at 10.15.a.m.James and Lily Thornton,Pakenhamhall Rd.Mass at 11.15.a.m.Ann.James Grimes Glenview.Offering Day.


Please pray for all who have died in recent times, all whose anniversaries occur around this time and all whose remains are interred in our cemeteries,

Edward Brady,Stonetown and U.S.A.,Maureen Gaffney,Water Lane.Maurice Fagan,Rathwire, brother of Clare Nangle,Cardinal
Umberto Betti.O.F.M resident in Florence

May their souls and the souls of all the faithful departed rest in peace.


Baptism preparation course on Third Wednesday at.8.p.m.

Those with babies for Baptism should register for this course

in the Parish Centre, two weeks beforehand.It will be run by the Coole Group,Wed,April 15th..at 8.p.m.Parents, who have no babysitters, may take the baby along.

Parish Centre Programme for week,Apr.5th.to April 12th.

Saturday 4th. Polish Social evening 9.p.m. MCH.

Sunday 5th. Tea for Kilafree Walkers.3-4.p.m.

Monday 6th.Bowles MCH 8.p.m.

Tuesday 7th.Dancing Class 8.30.p.m. to 10.00.p.m. MCH.Room I.7.p.m. Lir Park Residents Association. 8.30.p.m. A.A. Meeting will take place.

Wednesday 8th.No Dancing 4-5.p.m. MCH. Bowles MCH. 8.p.m.

Thursday 9th.No Dancing 4-6p.m. MCH.Legion of Mary Meeting Room I.7.p.m.MCH.

Friday 10th.Block Booking .

Catholic Newspapers available each weekend in parish. Please support.

Please purchase the paper in the church or from the kind members of the Legion of Mary who sell them in the parish.We thank them for this.

Altar Servers Group for the
week.Apr.5th.Group 2.Girls.Laura Coyle. Amy Gahan and Cameron Birney.Servers are expected to be present on their week of duty.

Alcoholics Anonymous Group weekly meeting in Parish Centre.

AA group will continue here on Tues,7th.at 8.30.p.m. in Room I. Parish Centre.To get information,please tel. 087.6282646 Bill..

Pope`s intentions for your prayer for the month of April.

That,the Lord will bless the farmers with an abundant harvest and sensitise the richer populations to the drama of hunger in the world.

That,Christians who work in the areas where the conditions of the poor,the weak and the women and children, are most tragic,may be signsof hope,thanks to their courageous testimony to the Gospel of solidarity and love.

The Year of St.Paul in parish and area. Events planned and in place.

Talks on St.Paul in the Parish Centre are now for booking.Please use the booking form in church.Thanks to all who made the Novena such a great success

Final reflection on the Seven Deadly Sins for Lent. Final one; Sloth.

Sloth.(acedia) a sadness that leads to despairing; a listlessness, disappointed and disillusioned, a struggle of the inner man.It has also been called melancholy, the mind losing the sweetness of tranquillity and is supplanted by grief resulting from agitation.A strange kind of fruitless disquiet comes with it and restlessness and distraction ; we re-order our books and change the furniture around and when we have finished, we do it again;we flick aimlessly through the T.V.channels. It is also seen as the failure to use one`s talents and gifts, failing to achieve full potential.It is a root sin of laziness and indifference. In religion it shows itself as a refusal to enjoy the goodness of God and His creation and as an apathy that discourages all religious expression., at worst being disgusted with the spiritual and divine.It has also been described as a spiritual black hole, energy falling into a sterile, unproductive space; the mind collapses in on itself and self-hatred is not far away. Listlessness, pointlessness, meaninglessness can be symptoms of sloth.People are roused out of sloth by positive thinking and creative activity.Spiritually the resolution of sloth is found in measuring ourselves according to what God is and wants and being filled with the Christian virtue of hope.