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Castlepollard Parish Newsletter 26 April 2009



26th.April.2009.THIRD SUNDAY OF EASTER and Feast also of Sts;Anacletus, Stephen of Perm, and Marcel.Trocaire Collection may also be handed in this weekend.Baptisms at 12.15.p.m.


For some time now, at home and in school and parish, the children in 2nd class have been making ready for these two vital Sacraments in their lives.We rely heavily, in preparation, on the work of the teacher in the classroom, which is deeply appreciated, but must be fully assisted by the complete support and cooperation of the parents and what happens at home spiritually.Our meetings and rehearsals will help to have everything fine tuned for each ceremony and all will work out well.We have very good musical input and the other schoolchildren and teachers and assistants lend a very positive dimension to all the work and making ready for the two great ceremonies and we thank them all.

Stressing that the two great moments are not just each, a one day affair, we insist that there are very important patterns and practices that can be maintained in home, school and parish to ensure, that the children develop a strong religious faith and practice centered on the Mass and these two key Sacraments in their growing lives. And so, at this time, when talking with parents and working together for the good of the child, we must emphasise that taking the child to Mass and Sacraments on a weekly basis is essential; praying with them in the home; working with them on their religion programme at school,as homework comes home for this; showing a deep interest with them in the content of what is being learned, grasped and understood and helping them to see that religion and life combine and are not separate departments at all, in daily living, is a must for parents, who are genuinely interested in the whole development of their child, as a person.We all know that religion is caught not just taught and so, good example of adults, and particularly of parents and grandparents, in living the faith, is the best classroom and learning context for knowing the faith and owning the faith, with regard to how young people merge into belief and practice.The parish community also have a very impacting role in welcoming and sustaining the faith growth of these children.We ask the parish community to show this hospitality by praying for them and their families and warmly greeting and affirming them on the two joyous occasions.The encouragement given by your own faith practice in the parish will bear more fruit than you can imagine.And so, with all of you, we wish the children and their families all God`s graces and blessings for these two memorable days launching them into strong faith life for the years ahead.

Sunday Masses

10.15 St. Peter's Centre. Weekday Mass 8.15.a.m. St.Michael`s

11.00. Castletown or Finea Saturday Mass at 10.a.m.

11.15. St.Michael's Confessions. 10.20.a.m.; 3.00.p.m. and

Vigil 7.p.m. St. Michael's 6.45.p.m. and 7.30.p.m. Sats.

Vigil 8.p.m. Castletown or Finea.

Adoration. 3-8.p.m. Mon-Thurs incl.

10.a.m.-12 noon. Tues and Wed.


Collection for April 18th./19th.;Weekly Envelope €967.00 and Offertory Collection €Trocaire). Thanks to all who generously contribute each week and to each collection.April; Month dedicated to The Passion, Death and Resurrection of Jesus.Year of intense prayer for Vocations to the Priesthood and Religious Life..Year of St.Mark in the Liturgy.Year of St Paul in the Universal Church.U.N. Year of Astronomy.Year of St.Bernadette in Lourdes

Sunday 26th.THIRD SUNDAY OF EASTER and Feast of Sts;Anacletus,Stephen of Perm and Marcel.Trocaire Collection taken up this weekend also.Baptisms 12.15.p.m.


Monday 27th. Monday 3rd.Week of Easter and Feast also of Sts;Asicus and Zita.

Tuesday 28th.Tuesday 3rd.week of Easter and Feast of Sts;Peter Chanel,Louis-Marie Grignon de Montfort,Vitalis and Valeria.

Wednesday 29th.Wednesday 3rd. Week of Easter and Feast of Sts; Catherine of Siena, Patroness of Europe and Italy, Robert of Molesmes and Antonia.

Thursday 30th.Thursday 3rd.Week of Easter and Feast of Sts;Peter of Verona, Pope Pius V and Joseph Benedict Cotolengo.Legion of Mary Meeting.Room I. First Pauline Talk at 8.p.m. MCH. Parish Centre.

Friday.1st.Friday 3rd.Week of Easter and Feast of Sts;Joseph the Worker,Peter Martyr,Marculf and Sigismund of Burgundy.First Friday of Month.Calls to ill and housebound and List of Dead Mass at 7.30.p.m.

Saturday 2nd.Saturday of 3rd.Week of Easter and Feast of Sts; Athanasius and Zoe.Mass at 10.00.a.m.Confessions after Mass, and at 3.p.m. and before, and after the Vigil Mass. 7.p.m.

Sunday 3rd.FOURTH SUNDAY OF EASTER.and Feast of Sts;Philip and James, Apostles.ANNUAL WORLD DAY OF PRAYER FOR VOCATIONS TO PRIESTHOOD AND RELIGIOUS LIFE. Collection for support of educating the seminarians of the diocese at all Masses. Baptisms at 12.15.p.m.

MASS INTENTIONS (26th.April to 3rd. May 09.)

Sunday.26th.Readings.Acts.3.13-15,17-19. Ps.4. I Jn. 2.1-5.Lk.24.35-48.Mass.at 10.00.a.m.Ann.Kitty Scott nee Reynolds, Church St and Cambridge. Confessions after Mass and at 3.p.m.Vigil Mass at 7.p.m.Ann.Decd.members Fitzsimons family Martinstown and Castlepollard.10.15.a.m. St.Peter`s.St.Michael`s.11.15.a.m.Ann.Cornelius Ring ad Marion Kennedy Glenview. Trocaire Collection may be handed in today as well.12.15.p.m.Baptism.Maryvale Course weekend.

Monday: 27th.Readings;Acts 6.8-15.Ps.118.Jn.6.22-29.Mass at 8.15.a.m.

Tuesday 28th.Readings.Acts.7.51-8.1 Ps.60. Jn.6.30-35.Mass at 8.15.a.m.

Wednesday 29th.Readings.Acts I Jn.I.5.-2.2. Ps.102.Mt.11.25-30.Mass at 8.15.a.m.

Thursday 30th.Readings.Acts 8.26-40.Ps.65. Jn.6.44-51.Mass at 8.15.a.m. Pauline First Talk Parish Centre MCH at 8.p.m. All welcome.Legion of Mary meet in Parish Centre Room 1 8.p.m..

Friday 1st. Readings.Acts;Acts 9.1-20.Ps.116. Jn.6.52-59. Mass at 8.15.a.m. List of Dead Mass at 7.30.p.m. and Ann Gus and First Anniv.Maura Blacoe.Kiltoom.

Saturday 2nd.Readings.Acts.9.31-42.Ps.115.Jn.6.60-69 Mass at 10.00.a.m.Ann.Peter Cassells, Lough park. Confessions after Mass,at 3.p.m. and before and after Vigil Mass at 7.p.m. Ann.Michael O Reilly, Loughpark.

Sunday 3rd.Readings.Acts 4.8-12.Ps.117.I Jn.3.1-2.Jn.10.11-18. St.Peter`s. at 10.15.a.m.Mass at 11.15.a.m.Ann.John and Anne McLoughlin, Loughpark.Baptisms 12.15.p.m.Please continue to pray for all who are ill and those who care for them in the parish and elsewhere.


Please pray for all who have died in recently,all whose anniversaries occur around this time and all whose remains are interred in our cemeteries,

May their souls and the souls of all the faithful departed rest in peace.


Baptism preparation course on Third Wednesday at.8.p.m.

Those with babies for Baptism should register for this course

in the Parish Centre, two weeks beforehand.It will be run by the Multy Group,Wed,May 20th.at 8.p.m.Parents, who have no babysitters, may take the baby along.

Parish Centre Programme for week;Apr.26th.to May 3rd.

Monday 27th. Room I 7.30.p.m. Lir Park Residents Meeting.Bowles MCH 8.p.m.

Tuesday 28th.Dancing Class 8.30.p.m. to 10.00.p.m. MCH.Room I. 8.30.p.m. A.A. Meeting will take place.

Wednesday 29th.Dancing 4-5.p.m. MCH. Bowles MCH. 8.p.m.

Thursday 30th.Dancing 4-6p.m. MCH.Legion of Mary Meeting Room I.8p.m. MCH. Pauline Talk. 8.p.m.

Friday 1st.Block Booking .Gardening Club 8-10.p.m.

Catholic Newspapers available each weekend in parish. Please support.

Please purchase the paper in the church or from the kind members of the Legion of Mary who sell them in the parish.We thank them for this.

Altar Servers Group for the
week.Apr.26th.Group 6.Boys. Barry Higgins; Joseph Rabbitt; Lee Kiernan;Aaron O Reilly and Darragh O Reilly.Servers are expected to be present on their week of duty.

Alcoholics Anonymous Group weekly meeting in Parish Centre.

AA group will continue here on Tues,28th.at 8.30.p.m. in Room I. Parish Centre.To get information,please tel. 087.6282646 Bill..

Pope`s intentions for your prayer for the month of May.

That,the laity and Christian Communities may be responsible promoters of priestly and religious vocations. That,the recently founded Catholic Churches, grateful to the Lord, for the gift of faith,may be ready to share in the universal mission of the Church,offering their availability to preach the Gospel throughout the world.

The Year of St.Paul in parish and area. Events planned and in place.

Talks on St.Paul in the Parish Centre commence on Thursday 30th.All welcome.Please come along to this very interesting and valuable time in our parish and deanery at 8.p.m..

Pioneer Gold and Silver Jubilarians; make contact re Pins for May.8th..

The local branch of the Pioneers wishes to hear from all who are 25 and 50 years pioneers before end April so that their pins can be arranged for conferring on May 8th.Confirmandi will also be enrolled that night.

Castlepollard Gardening Club May 1st.8.-10.p.m. MCH.Parish Centre. A Speaker from Birdwatch will give a talk and presentation on birds.A Competition for the night will take place and all are welcome.

Notices in porch re Southill Support Services and Knock Shrine Programme for 130th.Anniversary year and Youth Service there as well, to read for yourselves in due course.

Annual Lough Derg local pilgrimage. May 26th. 2009. Details for date.

Please contact Mary Fivey. 96.61506 or Mary Mulligan 043.81136 for booking from now on for Tues 26th May.

Oldcastle Vintage Tractor 3 County Run. 26th.April 2009. 2 p.m.

Please support this venture arriving in Fore for one hour.All welcome

School enrolment for Sept.2009.Application forms now at school.

Parents are reminded they are welcome to call to school for forms, with a view to enrolling children for new school year in September.